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Friday, August 21, 2009


WIKI is a website where everyone or only invited members can share their ideas and opinions with each other. There is also the option to edit or delete the posts to fix errors. I choose to create my WIKI through the WetPaint.com website which u can access via http://aprilscown.wetpaint.com/.

Once i visited the WetPaint site first had to name my site and customize my URL, this didn't take very long at all. I then had to choose what my site would be about, i decided to base my site around movies. I chose movies as i thought it is something almost everyone can relate to as everyone is bound to have watched a movie at some time. I also thought because it had such a wide range it would allow people to comment and suggest some of their own favourite movies.

I believe that the WIKI technology is very helpful for people who have to work in pairs of teams as all their information and ideas would be on one page that they can all access. They can then expand on each others ideas, read or edit them. An advantage of WIKI is that it allows the students to share all their information online, therefore saving them time by them not having to call or meet in order to share their informaion.

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